Happy Birthday, Kelly

May 1, 2009

Happy 39th Birthday, Aunt Kelly!


What a GREAT cruise!

February 28, 2009

The eight of us that reunioned on a 4 night cruise of the NCL Norwegian Sky out of Miami, FL into the Bahamas have returned home – in good shape, with many great memories and replenished energy.
I’m posting some photos.
Also, try this:
to see (& join) a group that lets us do emails & sharing.
We talked about upcoming whole & specific family plans & reunions. I hope we can continue & resume those discussions.

One week to President Obama

January 13, 2009

Hi … it is January 13, 2009 –
I am waiting to receive word that I won one of the 10 free invitations to attend the amazing Inauguration of the new Presidential team of the USA. If I don’t win, it will be ok – I enjoyed writing the paragraph, making the donation and thinking about who I’d take.
Haven’t the past two years of campaigns been incredible? I guess one of my insights was when President Bush’s advisor Karl Rove said that being in US Government means ALWAYS campaigning. I admit that I want Mr. Obama to stop sounding like he is still running … gee, if the stimulus package is so good and important, why do they have to sell it so hard?
I hope you are excited to have a new President. I hope it means:
– end to the USA using torture
– cessation of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan
– closing of Guitanimo Bay Prison & returning the land to Cuba
– control of the Enron Capitalism machine
– support of the people and elected leaders of Palestine
– open & reasonable government of & by & for the people.
Even if I don’t win a pair of tickets …

Life is a cruise

December 9, 2008

Hi – 2 things:

a) Kelly & I just paid the final/full payment for our cruise in February. What a deal we got … I wonder if folks might want to re-consider and join into this. I’m not sure why/how but we ended up at under $75 @day @person … with a $100 @cabin coupon added! Add to this the cost of getting to Miami … for Lisa, that could be FREE! Consider watching Geoff turn 60 … priceless (or depressing – you get to choose your attitude, see the fish philosophy for more).

b) I’m becoming a Facebook guy. So far (4 days), I’ve spent over 12 hours doing it … and I’m, like, out there! I asked Scott to be my friend (I can’t tell if he accepted or declined but I’ll figure that out). It appears that a major benefit is that you can throw snowballs at your friends … hmmm! Does anyone want to be my friend?

Don’t worry – be happy!
Love, R

Disney versus Jersey ? Mid-July ?

December 3, 2008

Lisa writes:
So… have you ever bought one or more of those raffle tickets the kids are selling for soccer or t-ball etc, thinking to yourself you are only doing it to help them, never really believing you would win?? Well, I did that a few months ago and then I got a call from a local soccer coach saying I had won the GRAND PRIZE!!! A trip to disney or a place of my choice!! Crazy?! I really thought it was a joke at first but it’s not! My friend’s son sold me the winning ticket and we went this week to get pictures taken with the grand prize certificate. They will go up on the soccer league website.
So… anybody up for an adventure??
How firm is Ocean City for the reunion this summer?? Anyone want to go to Disney mid-July instead???
Let me know your thoughts.
Love ya – Lisa

Any plans for T-Day?

November 23, 2008

Does anyone have cool things going on for Thanksgiving?  Let’s share.

We have lots happening:
Kelly’s aunt Kendra arrives tomorrow for a 2-week visit,
Kelly’s cousin & fiance, McKenna & Marshall, arrive Thursday for 4 days,
we have a community dinner at church Thursday – 85 people so far,
we have a family dinner at home Friday,
we’re making gingerbread houses Saturday,
we go cut a Xmas-Tree Saturday, …
I think thats it.

How about you?
Anyone going over the river and through the woods?

Remember when we went hunting on Thanksgiving (or is that myth)?

Oh, happy day.
Don’t worry – be happy.

R & K

Happy B-day to Ms Sandy W.

November 17, 2008

Hooray – a birthday!
It was wonderful to talk yesterday with Ol’ Sandra on her birthday.

Then, to hear that some folks had conspired to get her THE RIGHT PRESENT was a joy – a joy, I say.
A car that is safe and sound!

We need a photo, please!
Also … will the gold clunker be buried in Kansas?  Or, did they actually accept it as a trade-in?

Way to go – thanks.